The ANTHILL by Anthony Ryan was launched in 2015 by Project Runway All Star's Winner, Anthony Ryan Auld. The vision of the shop revolves around his creative outlook that invites individuals into an artistic space uniquely designed to promote originality in everyday life. Once drawn in by the unique store setting, the fashion enthusiast is greeted by a knowledgeable and passionate staff ready to take on any challenge and offer progressive customer support through forward thinking ideas & products.


Not only does The ANTHILL by Anthony Ryan play host to the ANTHONY RYAN label, the shop also curates through buying in New York & Los Angeles arena to be able to host a variety of aesthetics that are hand picked by the designer himself. The ANTHILL also supports other designer labels from Project Runway along with other up-and-coming designers & labels across the United States. In short, fashion should have no limits so the shop has a little bit of everything for everyone.